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Olympic Magic

Yesterday was the last day of the Olympics, and it couldn't have been a better ending. It can honestly be described as nothing short of magic. I stuck around in the downtown Vancouver festivities all the way, and it's still hard to believe I was actually a part of that.

I'll admitt, I wasn't sure I wanted to be part of the crowd during this game. Especially after the anxiety I felt when they almost lost to Slovakia. But since I finished the Zipline early, and the game was going to be starting shortly, I figured I might as well stay downtown and watch the game on Robson Street with everyone. By the time the game started on the screen set up by CTV, I was completely surrounded and the crowd behind me seemed to stretch for miles. The game wasn't that hard to watch at first, since Canada scored twice, and I knew the USA was going to score eventually. But that 2-1 made me extremely nervous. Even in the last seconds of the 3rd period, and the crowd around me was already cheering and counting down, I couldn't even watch. I knew that the USA could still score at any moment.  I just held my head down and listened. And sure enough, I heard the horn sound and everyone around me react in shock and disgust. It was a sound I'm sure many Americans would have enjoyed.  All I could do was shake my head and say over and over again, "I knew it."

After it went into overtime, I couldn't take it anymore. I had to get out of the crowd and as far away as possible. I considered heading home and then finding out the results then. But I decided to just keep walking up Burrard, until Robson was far enough behind so that I couldn't hear the crowd anymore. I was just certain at that point that Team USA was going to win. The fact that they were able to tie it at the very last minute just seemed like fate. And the fact that Canada could very easily lose after being seconds away from winning gold on home soil was a painful and unbearable thought that I needed to adjust to. I finally found a quiet place on Burrard to sit and think, and I decided that, no matter how difficult the lose was going to be, Team USA deserved the win. It had to be fate. But as I got up and started walking back towards Robson, I heard the faint buzziing in the buildings across the street. I wasn't sure if it was just my imagination or my ears were ringing. And then a couple of people started coming out of buildings shouting things. It wasn't "Canada won" or "We did it!" but just things like "Woo!" and "Yeah baby!" That should have had my heart racing right there, but it wasn't until I saw people jumping up and down in a nearby restaurant when it really hit me.

I though of ducking into the restaurant and enjoying the celebrations in there, but it was so crowded that I decided to keep heading back to Robson. And once I got there, in addition to all of the screaming, jumping up and down and flag waving, there was lots of climbing. Climbing trees, climbing on bus stops, climbing lamp posts. Dozens of heads were popping out of windows above to look down on all of the excitement and take pictures. I started snapping pictures, too. It was hard to see everything that was happening on screen since at that point I was a bit far away and plus the sun was glaring off of it. Finally, when they starting singing O Canada in the ceremony, everyone joined in.  After that, it was an ongoing celebration of shouting and cheering. People walking by with their hand out for others to high five as they past. Music blared in front of a Starbucks where people gathered to jump up and down and sing. "We Will Rock You" and "We Are The Champions" were especially fun songs. It was almost impossible to get through some parts of the crowd. Beach balls were being bounced around above us, lots of different signs were in the air, and cutely decorated babies were getting lots of attention too. I'd get into more detail, but it was all so excting and overwhelming it's hard to put it all into words. I'm just so glad I was there.

I stayed downtown to watch the Closing Ceremonies too. Regardless of how corny the rest of the world might have found it, I loved the fact that they decided to embrace all of the silly stereotypes and just have fun instead of try to be taken seriously and get laughed at anyways. I didn't see the entire end though. My legs were getting tired, and I was getting a little hungry, so I went into a Tim Hortons to get something to eat and luckily managed to find a table. After the ceremony, I stayed downtown and just took lots of pictures of the festivities on Robson as well as Grandville. There was always what felt like a traffic jam of people where those roads met, because everyone was walking in different directions. Thank God I held on to my purse tightly, because if it accidentally got caught in the crowd as I was trying to squeeze through it, there's no way I would have found it again.

I'm so glad that we got this ending. Even with all of the earlier mistakes and criticism (And the death of the Georgia player broke my heart), living in the city and seeing all of the pride and excitement made it hard to pay attention to all of the negative. And last Sunday I took part in a naked anti-fur protest (But I was wearing a strapless bra and underwear), and everyone was taking our picture and asking to pose with us. Definitely one of the most thrilling things I have ever done. And I doubt we would have gotten such an exciting reaction if the city wasn't swarming with tourists. Plus it was a nice sunny day, despite how freakin' cold it was. It lasted for a while until we started getting sucky wet weather again on Thursday. But the sun showed its face again yesterday, when it really mattered. It was a beautiful night, too.

And that's my recap of a historical night in Canada.


Bet you didn't expect it...

I felt compelled to do an update on my life. By the way, this is a very old layout. I'd love to get a new one. But I don't know if I should bother since I don't really pay enough attention to my blog anyways.

First of all, I'm pretty much over Degrassi. I only tune in out of curiosity now. All of my favorite characters were tarnished last season, and now they are not(or barely) going to be in the new season. Don't care for any of these new kids. Oh well, I'm not bummed out on my obsession going down. Actually, it's a relief. My love affair with this show has been going on for five years, and it was sort of holding me back from focusing on my real life and how to make it better. Then again, I have sort of just replaced that obsession with a new one(The beautiful and talented MR MICHAEL JOHNS!). But it still has been easier to put the more important aspects of my life, first. Starting with....

June of 2007, the last time I finished a semester at my local college. I just finished taking all of the scriptwriting courses required for a creative writing bachelor. I have gotten excellent grades on all of my scriptwriting, but only subpar grades in any other creative writing course. And in order to finish the program, I would have to take a bunch more classes in short fiction, journalism, and (ugh!)Poetry. Not only that, but it would take me another six freakin' years! Now I know this is how it is for most people who go to college or university. But after doing a lot of thinking, I came to the conclusion that I would just be wasting my time. I don't even know where I'd go with this. I could never be a journalist, and I have no plans to be an author either. I do, however, love scriptwriting and am very good at it. But I could never make a career out of it by just the knowledge I have learnt there. So, I made the decision not to finish the program, leave the college, and search for a good film school with a writing program. I set my sights on Vancouver Film School immediately, and got as much information as I could. But first I had to save enough money. So I asked my boss if I could work full time. Since then, I have been going Mon-Fri shifts, and have slowly gotten a raise in pay.

2008, where do I begin. First, there was the family trip to Mexico, which was WAY better than the time I went with just my mom and I stayed at my grandma's(who is now suffering from early stages of Alzheimer’s). We all stayed in this great 4 star hotel, right by the coast of Acapulco and right in the best part of the city. We were even only a three minute walk away from Paradise Bungee(which I ended up doing twice!). We could even see people jumping from out hotel window. While there, we went to the Ci Ci, where I got to swim with dolphins! We got a tour of the city, and did a bunch of other activities. Overall, it was a very nice trip(although the last week was a little stressful because my damm period started!). Later this summer, I FINALLY passed my knowledge test for my learner's. Took long enough, huh? And I was so sure I would fail again since the last time I took it was so long ago. Anyways, a paid for a few private lessons with a trainer, and can drive a small car just fine. My mom's van scares me though, because I always feel like I'm going off the road. So my dad is going to let me drive his car.

No, the biggest news of all. After over a year since making the decision, I finally filled out an application for VFS back in September, and sent in all of the other stuff required(transcript, creative writing samples...). Result? I GOT IN! This is going to be a very life changing thing for me. It's always been my dream to live in a big city, so I am so happy to be moving to Vancouver. But I am also aware that it'll be tough and a little scary, too. I have continued to put money away for living expenses, am working on getting a student loan, and just recently received a $500 grant from the Royal Canadian Legion. So everything seems to be going good so far. And my semester starts in May, so I have lots of time to prepare.

So that's about it. Thanks for reading.

Latter Days
The reason I'm frustrated is because I suck at writing movie reviews so if something in this review doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll try to emphasis, if possible.

This movie covered all of the basic cliched themes that have been done so many times. Aside from the whole 'forbidden love" theme which is the most popular theme done in romance movies based on homosexuals, there was the whole "bad boy makes bet to get chaste/nerdy girl(or in this case, boy)" plot. They sort of tried to mix one cliche theme with another, and because it was between two guys this time, it would come off as more "unique".

This movie had it's "Queer As Folk" moments, but I was actually expecting for Christian to be more like Brian Kinney. Instead he came off as more of an Emmett, only less funny and sweet. We're suppose to believe that because he has the most experience, he's more likely the one "on top." Aaron may be naive and new, but with a little more experience, I'd buy him as being the one on top anyday. First there's the fact that Christian has the ass of a woman, and if it weren't for his abs, he would not seem very butch. I see nothing about him that would make him the cowboy. In fact, during his like hot one-night stands he's probably always the one getting rode. But because Aaron is so "innocent" I'm sure he'll be stuck as the bottom. Whatever makes them the most comfortable.

Okay, cut to the chase. The thing that bothered me about this movie was that I found the way Christian suddenly fell in love with Aaron heavily cliched and unconvincing. The whole "bet" could have been done without. The only time the whole that plot has ever truly worked in a movie was in "Cruel Intentions." And this movie actually has a lot of parrallels to it. However, we saw a lot more of Sebastian and Annette interaction and they really got to know eachother, and Sebastian fell for Annette not only because of who she made him become, but for who she was herself. Christian pretty much falls for Aaron for the sole fact that he "opened his eyes". But I can tell you that if Christian were straight, all of the girls he went out with would have dumped him for the same reason and told him so. Overall, I didn't see any gradual pregression during Christian's "dress to impress" act for Aaron that it was transitioning from it just being about the bet to him actually falling in love. Because I highly doubt Aaron telling Christian he's 'shallow" is enough for him to go "Oh my God, he's the one for me!" The progress of their relationship was entirely rushed. And also a reminder of just how cheesy airport scenes are. And here it was cheesy as hell. However, the movie did get better by the end. I knew when I read about the movie that the whole 'religious" take on homosexuality would be dealt with again here for the gazillionth time, but the acting was done quite well. I really enjoyed Aaron a lot in his scenes.

To be quite honest, I expected this movie to surpass "Brokeback Mountain" as one of my favs. Even if "Brokeback" wasn't so huge and it didn't have such wellknown actors, it has a LOT more depth and substance. "Latter Days" just took two of the most overused movie themes and put them together to make it come off as original. I may have even enjoyed the first half of the story more if Christian was a bit more....Well, if it were easier to determine whether he was a top or bottom. What I mean is, with most gay couples in movies or shows, Marco and Dylan, Ennis and Jack, Brian and Justin, they have these contrasts which helps us to determine their roles as a couple. Christian just seemed like some sleazy tramp. I didn't care for his friend, either. I know she tied into the plot, but overall I found her role to be rather pointless. I think they could have put her to better use somehow. But I did love Aaron. He was cute.

Basically, second half, much better than the first half. Maybe I'll have a different perspective the second time I watch it.

Degrassi reading a success.
Yesterday my group read my Degrassi script out loud for the class. I was really panicking because he were'nt able to meet up all week to practice. But I emailed them and gave detailed notes. Basically the script is a follow up episode to Manny's abortion. We read four scenes. Three with Emma and Manny, and then one with Spinner and Darcy. I actually gave the teacher the tape I recorded "Accidents Will Happen" on so he could be familiar with the storyline. But when we had a little meeting about, he said he loved the script and it looks like so far I have an A!I am so happy because if this script had failed, it could have tainted my love for Degrassi. Because everytime I watch Degrassi I'd be reminded of my horrible script. In highschool I wrote a great play. But when it got performed, it all fell apart. I can't even look at that script anymore. I'm just so relieved everyhting was okay this time. When we were done the reading, the teacher asked the class if anyone had watched the show before, and if the script sounded accurate. They all said yes. Whew! Of course I would know more than anyone!

On another note, I also got the Brokeback Mountain DVD on the weekend. My mom doesn't know about it. Nor will she ever.

Pride Commentary - Best part of the Box Set.
I bought the Degrassi Season 3 Box Set yesterday(first day it came out in Canada!), and the first thing I did was watch Pride with the commentary with Shane and Adamo and the two writers. Now THIS is what commentary is about, people! It was entertaining, funny, and we still learned a lot of fun and interesting stuff about the episode. Such as what made them laugh so hard at the Dot, and the beach being extremely cold! I think my favorite parts though was during the scenes with Marco and Dylan. Like the scene where Dylan is teaching Marco how to serve. I always knew there was something funny about the way Dylan explained "...toss the ball lightly, and then serve, don't slam, control." But I always just thought it was cheesy. But when they mentioned how they made that reference and I can't believe I never noticed it before! Toss the ball lightly...don't slam, control...That scene is going to be so much hotter now everytime I watch it! Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally clueless. I knew there was some sort of sex reference there. I just didn't picture it the way I do now. Woah.

I am really nervous about having my Degrassi script performed for my class in two weeks. I only have one girl who has vollunteered so far. The teacher said he'd hook me up with a guy, but I haven't heard back from him yet. It's three scenes, and the characters involved are Emma, Manny, Spinner, and Darcy. I have some bad experiences when my work gets acted out. I hope this doesn't taint Degrassi for me.

First entry in well over a year.
I am posting right now because I am in a very positive mood. See, these past couple of days, since the episode "Total Eclipse Of The Heart" aired, while I've been thrilled about the Darco reunion, all the negativity around me really brought me down. I'm not use to my favorite couple being so bashed. Back when I first started loving them, they were one of the most popular and loved couples on the show. But sicne "Moonlight Desires," people have had a back opinion on them and now refuse to give them a second chance now that they're back together. So, today I feel a lot better after participating in the last day of Darco Spirit Week. And I just finished my second Darco music video. I am very very happy. Marco and Dylan are love forever!

Other than that, what can I say....I'm getting an A in my second year scriptwriting class. I got an A in my first year class as well. I just rock at this subject! Poetry still sucks!

Mall tour!!!!!!!!!
Okay, okay, okay, okay, this was the best day ever!!!!!

First, I got there at about nine o'clock and only a few girls were there sitting at one of the foodcourt tables waiting until they were allowed to line up. When we could, we all went running up to the front, and I was fourth in line! I ended up chatting like crazy with these girls about the show as well as with this boy behind me! Anyways, the line was processing slowly, but time went by fast because we were all too busy talking about the show and things we're gonna have them sign. We also got two of those mini Degrassi highlighters that smell like fruit while we were waiting(I got a pink and a yellow). And as time got closer, we got all jittery and jumpy and excited.

Anyways, when they arrived, I went up to Lauren's table first and gave her that t-shirt to sign as well as a printed out picture of her. Same with Andrea and Stacey, who loved the t-shirt! I took a picture with all of them. Aubrey wasn't at a table yet because he was doing an interview on stage first. So after I got the autographs from the girls, I had to line up all over again to wait for him. I asked him a question(Which he thought was a good one). And I also got interviewed by him for eTalk Daily! So let's see if I'll be there!

So I finally know what EPIgrrl looks like! I bought a t-shirt from her. And I eventually was able to get Aubrey's autograph as well as a hug! I also won a Hell Hath No Fury t-shirt AND the script for Ghost in the Machine after getting a trivia question right. Oh and one girl asked Stacey(While she was at her table) if Sean was a good kisser. She said she doesn't really pay much attention because there are cameras and everything. But then I asked her if Adamo was a good kisser, and she laughed and said yes.

And Andrea, during her interview, sang some of her song SuperWoman while she was up there. And I took as many pictures as possible. Including one of all four of them together. I asked them to pose for me! I'll get the pictures developed tomorrow.

This sucks.
Today has been a terrible day. I couldn't even finish my poetry test in English class today because I found it way too complicated. I skipped like half of it and did crappy on the half that I actually did. I'm so miserable and my mom's all mad at me for it. She thinks it's all because I didn't study. Well I'll tell you one thing. You can study and study, but there are just some things that are too complicated that for some people it's just not that easy.

I'm surprised my mom is being so totally cold about it. I still have this big novel research assignment hanging over my head that is making things very overwhelming. There is so much work to do. But there's no point in trying to explain to my mom why I'm having such a hard time because it's not like she would listen. We'll just get in a big fight again. I know my teacher is gonna want to talk about my test tomorrow, which sucks because the last thing I want to do is go over it. I just want to forget about it and this stupid class. It's all a waste of time.

My mom's going to limit my time on the computer because she thinks THAT'S the problem. Why the fuck do I even bother.

Rat attack.
My Jack Russel Terrier has potential. The potential to be a ferocious killer. She already had her first victem just a few minutes ago. A rat. When it came out from under out barbeque set, she grabbed it and shook it ferociously in her mouth. I didn't see it myself, but my dad was there. He even said the rat screamed! I don't think I would have been able to watch so I'm glad I didn't see it for myself. But now she's got blood spattered all over her. But that's not what I'm worried about. The rat bit her on the mouth while she was shaking it.

Now she hasn't gotten a rabies shot for about a year. And I don't know if the rat is infected or not. But I seriously hope this won't turn bad. I think we should check her up but my dad doesn't think it's a big deal and just put rubbing alcohol on it. Is rubbing alcohol even safe for dogs?

She's so cute, and yet she can be so fierce. If she gets rabies from that bite I don't know what I'll do.

Poetry sucks.
I HATE studying poetry. This is the worst part of my stupid English course. Why do we need to study all this crap? And Shakespeare's poetry makes no freakin' sense whatsoever! Studying poetry sucks!

My first poetry assignment was already assined. I finished half of it, but the other half is far to complicated and it's frusterating me like crazy and if I stress myself over it too much I may end up doing something I'm trying to quit. It's too much and I'm not doing it. I don't care if I lose twenty marks over it. I'll probably lose even more since I don't even think I did the rest of the assignment right. I just wanna get through this stupid until fast.

On top of all this, I still have to get started on this huge novel research assignemtn and it's really freaking me out. It's all so overwhelming and I hate it. This class sucks. I hate school. I don't know how I ended up going to college.

Looks like it's time to start searching for already made summaries of Oliver Twist. Anybody know any links?


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